Give your teen a lifetime supply of confidence.

  • Doctor-directed teeth straightening

  • Start seeing results in as little as 60 days


  • Costs 60% less than braces or Invisalign


  • Get the results you want, backed by our Lifetime Smile Guarantee™


SmileDirectClub for Parents and Teens

Here's why our aligners are the smart choice.

Fast Results with SmileDirectClub

Fast Results

Your teen can get a smile they love in as little as 4-6 months, not years.

That's a big confidence boost.

Affordable with SmileDirectClub


Our aligners cost 60% less than braces or Invisalign.

Plus they're often covered by major insurance providers.

Convenient Smile Check-ins with SmileDirectClub


There are no monthly office visits to schedule. Your doctor in our network evaluates your teen's progress during regular virtual Smile Check-ins™.


Treatment and support you can trust.

Doctor-directed treatment.

An affiliated, state-licensed dentist or orthodontist oversees your teen's treatment and monitors their progress from start to finish.

Teen holding SmileDirectClub Aligners with Parent
Regular check-ins with parental notifications.

We conduct regular virtual Smile Check-ins™ to make sure your teen's teeth are moving according to the doctor's treatment plan.

24:7 support with SmileDirectClub
We have your back with 24/7 support.

Have questions? Get answers. Our Customer Care team is available night and day via phone, text, email, and HD video chat.

Extra benefits at no extra cost.

Lifetime Smile Guarantee with SmileDirectClub

Lifetime Smile Guarantee™.

We protect your teen's smile for life

- including free aligner touch-ups during and after treatment. Learn more.

NIghttime-only options with SmileDirectClub

Nighttime-only option.

Choose SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners™ for treatment that stays in your home - and under your watch.

Free Aligner Replacement for Teens at SmileDirectClub

Free aligner replacement.

Lost aligner? No problem. Your teen's first replacement set is on us.



Two easy ways to pay.

We accept HSA, FSA, and CareCredit. And your insurance provider may cover part of your teen's aligner treatment.



  • Convenient monthly payments.

  • No credit checks. No forms to fill out. 100% approval.

  • $250 deposit, $89/month or less for 24 months. ($2386 total)


Single Pay


  • Biggest savings.

  • Easy one-time payment.

Results your teen can see - and feel.

Braces are big, they’re clunky, stuff gets stuck in them. But with aligners you can eat whatever you want, no one can tell that they’re in ... it’s just a much better and easier option.

My gap closed so fast; it blew my mom's mind. As I go off to college next year, I won't hold myself back. I know my new smile will be a big part of my future.

As a mother, I wanted to do my research. SmileDirectClub was, above and beyond, the clear choice. It just seemed so streamlined, so easy, so friendly. We decided to do it as a family.

I've gone from never smiling in photos to having a nice, big, wide smile. It's changed the way I interact with people.

Jack was the first to do all the research. I’ve gotta hand it to my son, he knew what he was talking about. It’s been an absolute breeze.

If you feel good about the way you look, your whole life gets better.

I'll have a great smile for senior year, and not go into college with anything but straight teeth.

Have questions?

Why should I choose clear aligners over metal braces for my teen?

Why are your treatment times so short?

What happens if there’s a dental issue during treatment? 

What happens if my teen loses an aligner? 

Why is SmileDirectClub so much more affordable than braces and Invisalign?

We've straightened over 1.5 million smiles.

Glowing and grinning reviews.

Ready? Give your teen a smile they'll love.

Take the free online assessment to see if your teen is a candidate and get them started on their Smile Journey™.

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